Book The Chronicles of Lyrec.
Penn, C. (2008) (Fig.2). Unique artist’s book.  Oil Saturated paper, 38 double-sided pages, mixed media including painting, drawing, collage. 58cm x 38cm wide. Book 2. Collection: Cheryl Penn.

Aside from an interest in the fantasy and science fiction entertainment genres, this book came about as a result of further explorations of the theme for a solo exhibition LIFE  is AS COMPLEX AS IT SEEMS  in August 2007. Although the exhibition ultimately had nothing to do with the concept, I had the idea of creating  a race of warrior women living in another dimension – who had lived here for much longer than us.  They had migrated from the centre of the earth to Durban (Nabrud) where, in the area of the  Durban City Hall they constructed a transport machine with which they could do intergalactic travel. 
Once the solid physical structure of the City Hall was in place, the transport machine became incredibility difficult to use due to the extensive, subatomic  deconstruction of body molecules needed to bypass the monolithic City Hall. Eventually only one woman could do this, the Transporter.  The book is symbolic of the struggles of women and the nurturing of a healthy alter ego, based loosely on the psycho-analytical works of Clarrisa Pinkola Estes (1992) who wrote such books as Women who run with the Wolves. 
The book is intended to resemble an artifact in the form of a diary which was kept by the main character of the book, the Scribe named  Lyrech.   It is hand written and hand illustrated as Lyrech recalls the circumstances and events which resulted in the move of the warrior race from the centre of the earth.